Messages from Teachers during MCO

Online / Home-based Learning

23th March 2020   |   #StayAtHome

Although this is a challenge for all of us, we will put our level best to come out with exciting activities for the children to keep their minds active. We believe parents will be very happy to see your children enjoying themselves and the things they learned from these interactive activities online. 

Hand Washing Lesson

5th March 2020   |   Brain Dance Kindyland

During a global pandemic, Covid-19, one of the cheapest, easiest, and most important ways to prevent the spread of a virus is to wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Thank you for Dr. Jaseema Begum’s time and effort to teach the children the needs and the proper ways to wash handsin such an interesting way! ☺

Grocery Shopping Day

8th Nov 2019   |   Giant
Brain Dance Kindyland

Because of the epidemic, the school did not encourage outsiders to come to the campus to take graduation photos of the children. This time, teachers took the place. Not bad right? 

Behind the Scene

Happy Mooncake Day!

1st Oct 2020   |   Brain Dance Kindyland

Once again, it's the season to binge on mooncakes and playing with lanterns! Through letting the children to make creative DIY lanterns, it is an effective and fun way to introduce children to the chinese traditions and culture. As for lanterns, they came to represent the festival itself as they were lit up in the evenings to allow people to indulge in a little moon gazing. Oh ya! A big thank you to our lovely parents for sending us the mooncakes!

Hands on activities via online classroom

16th May 2020   |   #StayAtHome

Children learn better and form stronger memory connections when they engage with more senses in their learning process. Even at home, Brain Dance Kindyland provide opportunities for hands-on activities, allowing children to utilise multiple senses to absorb and retain much more information.

Little surprise to mommies

10th May 2020   |   #StayAtHome

No surprise for mummies this year because our little Brain Dance kids are creating their crafts from the comfort of their home (and some may just require a little help from their awesome parents), while cultivating creativity, also making mummies smile on this special day!

Happy Mothers' Day to all the super mothers!

In Brain Dance Kindyland, kiddos not only acquire knowledge and skills in class, but also learn through real-life environment. Our kiddos went for grocery shopping to practice their budgeting, reading and literacy skills as well as promoting their knowledge of food groups, they were awesome today!

CNY Mufti Day

22th Jan 2020   |   Brain Dance Kindyland

In conjunction with this festive season, we would like to wish you fortune. Hope the days ahead are filled with immense joy and prosperity.

To explore and enjoy the culture of the Lunar New year, we played lion dance, traditional Chinese musical instrument, sang CNY song, decorated a wall full of mandarin oranges tree art, "lou sang" and more! 🧧🧧🏮🏮

Concert Day

22 Sep 2019   |   Brain Dance Kindyland

Our little kiddos had practiced really hard and finally put up a wonderful show for their dear parents! They deserve a big round of applause! ❤️

Field Trip

Visiting an aquarium has a different tempo to watching aquatic life videos in front of the screen!

There are unique, mysterious creatures  under the sea, with diverse colors, shapes, and textures, thus it is a great place to spark the child's imaginations!


We certainly enjoyed and had fun exploring the marine life as we learnt how wonderful and interesting  the creatures of the ocean are!

08 Aug 2019   |   Aquarium KLCC

New Branch Opening

We are very pleased and proud to announce that we have expanded another new branch of Brain Dance Kindyland! Please come and visit us in our newest location at Setia Ecohill. We hope you to share our excitement about this impending launch of our new branch and stay tuned for more information!🎉

Enrichment class during the pandemic

Brain Dance Kindyland

Teachers, parents and even children have had to cope with numerous challenges this year. In order not to let the pandemic affect kids' learning, teachers also strive to use appropriate teaching strategies and methods to ensure that children can continue to learn safely and happily by enforcing safe management measures. Wish an early victory over the pandemic!


Brain Dance Kindyland


15th Aug 2020   |   Brain Dance Kindyland

Parents-Teacher Conference

Our school authority feels the necessity for conducting a parent-teacher meeting although still in the midst of the pandemic, this is because it gave teachers and parents a chance to develop a rapport and build a strong relationship to understand and determine the proper development of a child. Thank you our parents for taking their valuable time to attend this conference!