Individual Reading Program


Our reading list contains books from all around the world. The international nature of these books makes them powerful communicators of cultures and ideas. In addition to regular phonetic skills and use of the alphabet, our reading list provides skills that extend from artistic talent to social capability.

By exposing our students to books containing compelling lyrical rhymes and effective use of prose we expose our students to a world of great literature, creating graduates capable of understanding the power that a great command of sentence structure and rhymes can project, a power we see every day in the form of advertising and persuasion.

We are unique in that although we understand the reasoning behind the use of textbooks in teaching students how to read, we believe that storybooks also  have their place in child education. Our reading list consists of award-winning children's books from around the world carefully selected for their cross-curricular potential and intuitive lesson congruence.

Our books contain lessons beyond how to read, cultivating a lifelong a passion for reading that lasts long after our students graduate. By using captivating, engaging storybooks we encourage our students to remain alert and attentive throughout their reading times, while simultaneously understanding vital themes of patience, moderation and kindness through the morals of the stories they find themselves immersed in.



Reading for us concerns all aspects development for children, therefore we make reading link to all of our educational aspects. By engaging in cross-curricular lessons our teachers can maximise the potential knowledge taught by every book. Encouraging children to read aloud builds their self-confidence. Engaging in roleplay ensures our students remember what they have read long after conventional memory would have failed them. By using art projects to compound our regular reading sessions we create powerful memories far more powerful than words that would be half-remembered.

Interactive Classroom


Our classroom is interactive in many ways. Our teachers interact with their students, our booksinteract with their readers and our games connect students, helpin them to interact with each other. Our interactive multiple mouse technology presents new knowledge to our students in a pleasant manner and the feedback from this approach has been tremendous. It therefore pleases us to add more interaction to our program; From book readers from disney to visits from firefighters, our interactive program keeps children engaged and attentive throughout their schooling.

Aspects of Education

Approaches to help broaden children’s knowledge and skills

Scientific Process


At Brain Dance we don't teach rocket science. As opposed to teaching our students things they will learn at primary school; we teach our students to nurture the natural curiosity found in every child. By showing them how to predict, observe and record scientific experiments we teach them to learn. This will benefit them far more than just teaching them things that will last them 6 years, it will teach them the methodology behind becoming a cogent, intuitive young adult, with skills that will last them an entire lifetime.