Our cross-curricular, interactive lessons

We nurture the next generation of internationally successful children through proven, tested and true methods of teaching that provide lifelong and lasting benefits to our students. By developing their memories and ability to retain knowledge we ensure our students will be international leaders in whatever they choose to be.

Brain Dance Program is a holistic, hands-on learning system that uses the most effective, integrated and interactive lessons possible to ensure that children obtain knowledge while they develop brain wiring connectivity.

Why Brain Dance?

Our specially designed literacy program


Our literacy program has been specially designed by experts to enhance our students' ability to read and write. We use internationally acclaimed books that don't just teach ABC, but also provide children with a burning passion and desire to read more, creating academic and knowledge-thirsty learners.


Our extra-curricular activites


We believe that child education shouldn't only include books and lessons. We stand out amongst our competitors through our concerts that showcase the ability of the children. By building the confidence of our students through ushering them into the limelight we ensure we produce confident and capable graduates.